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Transform Your Smile in No Time with Composite Bonding

While smiles are the best, sometimes you may feel like your pearly whites could use some help. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry in Oak Lawn, Illinois, can eliminate troublesome dental flaws for a picture-perfect smile. 

At Dentalogic, we offer cosmetic dental bonding as a remarkable smile enhancement procedure that can transform your smile in one visit! Whether you have tooth discoloration, chips, or minor gaps, Dr. Homam Saadi only needs to apply composite resin on your front-facing teeth to restore your perfect smile.

What to expect from dental bonding procedure

Also known as composite bonding, dental bonding involves applying tooth-colored material on the teeth visible when smiling. The bonding material is carefully shaped to improve the color, gaps, and alignment of your teeth. Dental bonding is a quick, painless treatment, making it an excellent option for those who want a quick smile upgrade. 

The procedure begins with an oral exam to inspect your teeth and overall oral health. If you are an ideal candidate for dental bonding, the rest of the steps are: 

  • Tooth preparation: Before the procedure, we don’t need to anesthetize your gums or alter your enamel. Tooth preparation only involves roughing the enamel to create a firm bonding surface.
  • Application: The dentist will carefully apply the bonding material in layers on the prepared teeth. Each layer is sculpted and cured with a special light to create a lasting restoration. We’ll repeat this process until we achieve the desired shape and appearance.
  • Final touches: We’ll further reshape the bonded teeth to match the contours of your teeth. The last step is to polish your teeth to achieve a natural-looking appearance that blends with your entire smile. 

When expertly placed, dental bonding can help achieve exceptional aesthetic results. Dental bonding can repair chips, close gaps, or change the shape and color of a tooth for a veneer-like finish.

Benefits of teeth bonding

Dental bonding is an excellent way of improving your smile with minimal cost and effort. Enhancing your smile with dental bonding comes with a range of benefits.

  • Quick smile transformation — only one visit is required
  • Conservative treatment
  • Natural-looking results
  • Affordable treatment
  • No anesthesia is required
  • Versatility to camouflage multiple flaws
  • Dental bonding can last 5-7 years before replacement is due

Do you have bothersome dental chips, stains, and gaps? Your dream smile is just a composite bonding procedure away! Call (331) 233 - 1001 to schedule an appointment with Dentalogic. 

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