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Your Guide to Safe, Stress-free Simple Dental Extractions at Our Office

Permanent teeth are designed to last for life, but sometimes this is not always the case. Severe damage, gum disease, and the need to create space in the mouth are some reasons your tooth may need to be removed. When dental extractions are necessary, Dentalogic offers safe and pain-free dental extractions for a comfortable experience. Teeth removal services by Dr. Homam Saadi and the team relieve pain and prevent health complications.

Why Your Tooth Needs Removal

Our goal at Dentalogic is to preserve your natural teeth whenever possible. However, if a dental crown or root canal can’t save your tooth, we recommend removal to keep your oral health on track. 

Here are some reasons why tooth removal may be necessary:

  • Advanced gum disease
  • A severely damaged or decayed tooth
  • Extra tooth or baby tooth impeding adult teeth
  • A troublesome wisdom tooth
  • To pave the way for effective orthodontic treatment

How we remove teeth in our office

As a precaution, we’ll take dental x-rays of the tooth to plan your treatment. If your tooth or wisdom tooth is visible above the gum line, the dentist will extract it with simple extraction without needing major surgery.

Before extraction, we’ll numb your gums with local anesthesia to minimize discomfort. Next, the dentist will use an elevator to loosen the ligaments around the tooth. Then, using forceps, he gently rocks your tooth back and forth until it breaks free from the ligaments holding it. Finally, he pulls out the tooth from its socket. 

After the tooth comes out, we’ll place gauze on the socket, and you’ll bite it down to keep it in place. Sometimes, you may need sutures to close the surgical site, but this is rare because our extractions are gentle and cause minimal trauma to the surrounding tissues. 

If your tooth is trapped beneath the gum line (impacted), it must be surgically removed. When you need surgical extraction, we’ll refer you to a trusted oral surgeon for expert care. 

Gentle dental extractions near me

Don’t let a troublesome tooth get in the way of your healthy smile. If Dr. Saadi determines your tooth has to go, you can trust the dental team at Dentalogic for precision and utmost dental care. Call (331) 233-1001 to schedule an appointment today!

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