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Rebuild Your Smile with Functional, Natural-looking Dental Crowns

Whether through decay or injury, a tooth that has sustained damage needs restoration immediately to protect it from further harm, restore function, and enhance its aesthetics. Dental crowns are one of the most dependable restorative treatments for damaged teeth. Shaped like a tooth cap, dental crowns encase the entire tooth for reinforcement and protection. A dental crown also improves your tooth’s shape, size, and color to improve your smile’s aesthetics.

Are you considering getting a crown for your smile in Oak Lawn, Illinois? Please schedule an appointment with Dentalogic for solid, natural-looking crowns.

When are dental crowns a good option?

A dental crown is a viable restoration when the remaining tooth structure isn’t sufficient to support a filling. Your dentist is likely to recommend a dental crown to:

  • Cap off a dental implant
  • Secure a dental bridge
  • Repair broken or fractured teeth
  • Strengthen a weakened tooth
  • Replace a large, worn-out filling
  • Reinforce the tooth after a root canal
  • Aesthetically improves a discolored or misshapen tooth

Porcelain dental crowns are created from durable material, incredibly resistant to wear and tear. When properly cared for, dental crowns can last many years. Best of all, our porcelain crowns look realistic, creating a seamless integration with your entire smile.

The dental crown treatment procedure

You only need two dental visits to restore your smile with dental crowns. After examining your tooth with dental X-rays, we’ll prepare your tooth by removing the decayed or damaged portion. Next, we’ll carefully reshape the tooth by removing a small amount of tooth structure around it. This procedure is necessary to ensure your crown fits snugly over your tooth without feeling or looking bulky. 

Next, we’ll take a digital scan of your teeth and send the images to a dental lab to create your restorations. Your crowns take 2-3 weeks to fabricate, so we’ll send you home with a temporary restoration. Once your crown is ready, we’ll call you for placement. Your second appointment is faster than the initial one. We’ll remove the provisional crown and clean the area before trying your new crown. We’ll make a few adjustments to ensure your restoration fits snugly and looks natural. The final step is to bond your crown permanently to the tooth using dental cement.

Dental crown treatment near me

If you need a dental crown in Oak Lawn, IL, please get in touch with Dentalogic at (331) 233 - 1001. Dr. Homam Saadi will restore your smile with affordable yet high-quality dental crowns. 

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