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Get a Personalized Smile Makeover from Dentalogic For a Beautiful Smile

Dentalogic in Oak Lawn, Illinois, sees many patients with good oral health but unhappy with how their smiles look. You may have healthy teeth and gums, but misalignments, stains, and gaps can undermine your confidence whenever you want to smile. If you aren’t happy with your imperfect smile, a smile makeover treatment from Dr. Homam Saadi can enhance your smile’s aesthetics. Call us today to treat yourself to a smile makeover.

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The patient came in for a consultation for a discolored tooth and a smile makeover. The patient had a trauma to his tooth many years prior that resulted in discoloration of the tooth. A combination of crowns and veneers was performed that elevated the smile and esthetics.

Before and After patient results at 95th St, Oak Lawn near me

The patient came in for a consultation on a smile makeover after many years of erosion and chipping of her teeth. A plan was formulated to make ceramic crowns and transform and rejuvenate her smile. It took only two visits to get this amazing, beautiful, balanced smile.

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An overview of a smile makeover

Sometimes, you may have multiple cosmetic flaws, making a single procedure insufficient for a smile transformation. A smile makeover combines several aesthetic dental care treatments to create a one-of-a-kind smile. 

A smile makeover at Dentalogic combines numerous treatments, including

  • Teeth whitening: When your teeth are discolored, it takes away the overall aesthetic appeal of your smile. We offer Pola in-office teeth whitening to help achieve a white smile with minimal chair time. Unlike store-bought products, our teeth whitening system lightens your smile up to eight shades in less than 30 minutes!
  • Porcelain veneers: Dental veneers are thin shells of tooth-colored material placed on teeth visible when smiling. We prefer porcelain veneers because they are real-looking and are designed to uphold your smile’s glow for many years. Placing dental veneers involves three simple steps: consultation, preparation, and placement. With our office’s expertise and advanced technology, we can place porcelain veneers in just two visits.
  • Porcelain crowns: Porcelain crowns have similar cosmetic benefits to veneers but include structural benefits. Dental crowns can change the aesthetics of a damaged, discolored, or misshapen tooth while reinforcing and protecting the tooth from further damage.
  • SureSmile clear aligners: A misaligned smile can affect more than your oral hygiene and chewing ability. Teeth not in line detract from your smile, throwing your entire grin out of balance. Our SureSmile teeth alignment uses clear aligners fabricated from computer-generated models of your smile. SureSmile aligners straighten teeth in less time and are comfortable to wear. 
  • Cosmetic teeth replacements: Tooth loss is a common issue for the young and old. We understand the importance of having a complete set of teeth for optimal oral function and a confident smile. Whether tooth loss results from injury, decay, or disease, we provide functional and aesthetically pleasing tooth replacements to restore your smile’s form and function.

When you have multiple cosmetic flaws, we don’t approach your treatment piecemeal. A smile makeover provides an all-rounded solution to achieve your cosmetic goals in the shortest possible time frame.

Interested in a smile makeover in Oak Lawn, IL? Reach out to schedule an appointment with Dentalogic at (331) 233 - 1001.

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