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Restore Your Smile’s Vibrancy and Youthfulness with Professional Teeth Whitening

As you age, your smile may lose the vibrancy it once had. Aging leaves a mark on your smile, often resulting in a yellow-looking grin. It is normal for your teeth to lose their natural whiteness over time. But thanks to professional teeth whitening, we can restore your discolored smile to turn back the clock.

Dentalogic in Oak Lawn, Illinois, offers Pola in-office teeth whitening to erase years of discoloration for a white, bright smile. Engineered by SDI, Pola is said to be the fastest teeth-whitening system, with the ability to whiten your smile in 30 minutes or less! Sounds too good to be true? Please schedule an appointment with Dr. Homam Saadi to see what our teeth whitening can do for your smile.

Only whiten teeth at a dentist’s office

When you want to brighten your smile, you’ll find many options online or on the shelves of your local drugstore, but you should avoid these. First, DIY methods use substandard products that only remove surface stains at best. Second, many people aren’t trained on how to use these products. When the whitening gel is left on the teeth for too long, it may cause damage. 

Only use a professional dentist to whiten your smile. Dentists use clinical-grade products for safe and effective results. We also supervise your treatment from start to finish to ensure nothing goes wrong. 

White teeth in just 30 minutes!

Teeth whitening using store-bought products takes several weeks to generate average results. Using Pola Office+, Dr Saadi only needs half an hour to brighten your smile. Pola’s unique whitening gel breaks down immediately after contact with teeth to initiate the bleaching process. 

Pola’s whitening gel is chemically activated, so it doesn’t require uncomfortable UV light to accelerate the process. You also don’t need trays or premixing. The system uses a dual-barreled syringe, which mixes as you apply, ensuring consistent application of freshly activated agents on your pearly whites. The specially designed syringe also delivers the bleaching gel precisely on all teeth surfaces, including tight spots.

Benefits of Pola teeth whitening system

These include:

  • Quick 30-minute teeth whitening treatment
  • The system has a desensitizing technology to reduce irritation or burning sensation after treatment
  • Easy application
  • Effective procedure for several types of tooth staining
  • Less chair time increases patient’s comfort
  • Long-lasting results

Would you like to get rid of your unsightly tooth stains? Consider Pola teeth whitening from Dentalogic. Contact us at (331) 233-1001 and transform your smile.

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