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Overcome Dental Damage and Constant Headaches with Occlusal Guards for Bruxism

Has your bed partner told you that you clench and grind your teeth at night? Occasional tooth grinding isn’t a cause of concern, but if it happens night after night, it can have grave consequences for your health. Also known as bruxism, chronic teeth grinding can cause premature dental damage, headaches, and other discomforts. 

Dentalogic in Oak Lawn, Illinois, offers customized occlusal guards to manage bruxism. A bruxism nightguard prevents the upper and lower teeth from getting into contact, halting the destructive nature of teeth grinding. 

What is bruxism? 

Bruxism is a medical term that refers to grinding or clenching one’s teeth. Although this condition can happen during the day, it is more frequent at night. The condition occurs subconsciously, so many patients aren’t aware they are suffering from it. 

A dentist can easily diagnose bruxism by examining your medical history and teeth. The dentist will also inquire into your symptoms to confirm or rule out bruxism. 

The common symptoms of bruxism include:

  • Chronic headaches, especially in the morning
  • Jaw pain and soreness
  • Increased tooth sensitivity
  • Cracked or flattened enamel
  • Severe bruxism can cause loose teeth

The exact cause of bruxism isn’t well known, but certain factors have been linked to this condition. You are likely to brux your teeth if you are stressed, a heavy drinker, or suffer from sleep disorders like sleep apnea. Certain medications, like antidepressants, have also been linked to bruxism. Whatever the cause of your bruxism, you should seek treatment right away before it causes irreversible damage. 

Bruxism treatment at a dentist’s office

While daytime bruxism can be treated with behavior modification and lifestyle changes, patients with nighttime grinding need professional help because the condition occurs subconsciously. 

Dr. Homam Saadi offers an occlusal nightguard to cushion your teeth from teeth grinding. A nighguard fits over your teeth and prevents the upper and lower teeth from meeting, reducing bruxism-related symptoms. When worn as directed, a bruxism dental splint prevents dental damage and reduces strain on the jaw muscles and joints. 

Our nightguards are created after taking imprints of your dentition. This way, the dental appliance fits snugly in your mouth to offer optimal protection. Moreover, the occlusal guard allows normal breathing when sleeping, working quietly to ensure a peaceful night’s rest.

Wake up to the protective powers of a bruxism nightguard

If you constantly wake up with jaw pain, headaches, or mild toothaches, the culprit could be bruxism. Don’t wait any longer until the condition causes further damage. Instead, call (331) 233 - 1001 to book an appointment with Dentalogic for a customized nightguard. 

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