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Setting Your Child Up for a Lifetime of Good Oral Habits with Pediatric Dentistry

While at-home dental care is essential for your child, getting your little one into the habit of visiting the dentist regularly can serve them well throughout their life. Dentalogic in Oak Lawn, Illinois, is passionate about ensuring young smiles achieve healthy smiles. Dr. Homam Saadi and the team offer gentle pediatric dental care services to ensure your child loves dental appointments from a young age. While we are serious about children’s dentistry, we deliver it in a fun and exciting way that kids love.

Our pediatric dental care services

Whether your son or daughter is an infant, child, or teenager, all young smiles are welcome in our office. We have customized our services to suit your child’s dental care needs. 

Some of the services your child can enjoy in our office include:

  • Dental exams: Routine dental screenings allow us to inspect your little one’s smile for signs of gum disease, decay, misalignment, etc. Regular check-ups help prevent and treat oral problems before they become serious. Furthermore, we examine your child’s oral development during oral exams to ensure it’s progressing as expected. 
  • Dental cleanings: We offer gentle dental cleanings to remove built-in plaque and tartar in hard-to-reach areas of the mouth. Professional cleanings also eliminate surface stains for a radiant-looking smile. 
  • Periodontal care: Like adults, children are also vulnerable to gum disease. We provide gum disease treatment to promote optimal gum health. 
  • Tailored dental education: Pediatric dental visits are a perfect opportunity to teach little smiles proper ways of brushing and flossing teeth. We use fun and age-appropriate language to turn these dental lessons into a lifetime of positive oral habits.

We understand children require specialized care and communication. We are careful with our words. We avoid using anxiety-provoking words like “injections,” “needles,” or “drilling” to make your child as comfortable as possible. Many dental phobias stem from childhood experiences and continue into adulthood, so creating positive vibes in children as early as possible is important. 

Top-notch children’s dentistry near me

Dr. Saadi and the team at Dentalogic genuinely love caring for patients of all ages, including children. We are committed to ensuring all patients, regardless of age, enjoy comfortable dental experiences at all times. To book a pediatric dental appointment, please contact us at (331) 233-1001.

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