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 Restore Your Damaged Teeth with Safe, Natural-looking Composite Fillings

At Dentalogic, we proudly offer composite fillings to treat cavities and minor tooth damage. Traditionally, fillings were made from metal, but now, many dentists, including Dr. Homam Saadi, offer composite fillings because of their safety and natural-looking appearance. These fillings are created from tooth-colored acrylic material that discreetly treats cracks, breaks, and decay in teeth. Instead of a silver-grey appearance, white fillings look like natural teeth to create a seamless appearance. 

What to expect from composite filling treatment

Placing composite fillings is one of the most straightforward procedures in our office. After examining your tooth, we thoroughly clean it to remove all traces of unwanted bacteria. Then, we place composite resin in the cavity left before hardening it using a curing light.

The final step is to adjust the filling until your bite feels natural. Once we restore your tooth with a composite filling, the results are so realistic that no one will tell you ever had decay. 

The cavity-filling treatment is not only fast but also painless. Before the procedure, we anesthetize your gums for optimal comfort. Furthermore, don’t expect any downtime after the treatment. You’ll go about your everyday activities as you usually do. The only thing you need to observe is to avoid chewing or consuming hot drinks or food for at least two hours to allow the anesthesia to wear off. 

Benefits of white fillings

Composite fillings can repair cavities, rebuild worn-down teeth, and fill broken/cracked teeth. Composite fillings offer a range of benefits regardless of their intended use.

  • Aesthetic appeal: Composite fillings are designed to look like natural teeth to achieve attractive results. Composite fillings conceal unsightly damage or decay to reveal a beautiful-looking smile.
  • Safety: Unlike metal fillings, composite fillings have no safety concerns. This way, you don’t have to worry about mercury and other toxins synonymous with amalgams. 
  • Conservative treatment: Placing fillings involves removing a small portion of your tooth and leaving much of your tooth structure intact, which preserves its integrity to provide durable function.
  • Durability: Composite fillings aren’t made from metal, but they are incredibly durable. White fillings’ average lifespan is 5-7 years, but they can last up to 10 years with proper maintenance. 

Composite fillings in Oak Lawn, Illinois

Would you like to restore your smile with composite fillings? Dial (331) 233 - 1001 to schedule an appointment with Dentalogic. We can’t wait to give you a cavity-free smile. 

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